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The Board of Appeal for Education is an independent authority similar to a court of law to which students or their guardians can turn to appeal certain decisions made in connection with preschool classes, compulsory schools, upper secondary schools and adult education.

What can you appeal?

You can only appeal certain types of decisions, for example decisions concerning action programmes, decisions regarding placement in particular teaching groups and decisions regarding admission into a school for students with learning difficulties, an upper secondary school or into Swedish tuition for immigrants.

What a complaint may lead to

If the Board of Appeal for Education decide that the decision appealed against is erroneous, then the Board may annul the decision.

How to appeal

- Check that it is possible to appeal the decision in question. 
- Send your appeal to the body that made the decision, not directly to the Board of Appeal for Education.
- The appeal is to be received within three weeks of your receiving the decision.
- Give details of the decision you are appealing, the change that you wish to see, and the reasons for this.
- Give your name, personal number and contact details.
- Sign the appeal.
- The appeal and other documents will be placed in the public domain so this will mean that anyone will have the right to read this documentation. The Board's decisions are public knowledge.

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